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  1. 日本航空公司:300元让你坐头等舱去巴黎

    2018-02-23 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Imagine jet-setting from Tokyo to Paris, enjoying first-class travel, a four-course dinner and a city tour -- all without leaving the ground.
  2. 平昌冬奥会最美战袍 你最喜欢哪一套

    2018-02-23 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 作为冬季奥运会最具观赏性的赛事之一,花样滑冰不仅凭借优美流畅的高难度动作吸引着观众,参赛选手的服饰也是一大看点,优雅华丽的比赛服装大大提高了艺术表演效果。那么今年平昌冬奥会花滑赛场
  3. “海陆空”回家难 海口上演真实版“人在囧途”

    2018-02-23 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 As the weeklong Chinese New Year holiday comes to an end, a halt of ferry services across the Qiongzhou Strait due to heavy fog created lengthy traffic jams, obstructing more than
  4. 人生决不能犯的3个错误

    2018-02-22 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 One will make a lot of mistakes in his or her life.
    一个人在一生中会犯很多错误。This rule works for everybody.
    这个道理对每个人都适用。No one can avoid it.
    没有人可以避免。But t
  5. 接受吧,这世界充满潜规则

    2018-02-22 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 This world is made of one after another ordinary person.
    这个世界是由一个又一个普通人组成的。We live in such a world. So we have to constantly communicate with different kinds of
  6. 美国人为什么用土拨鼠来预测天气?

    2018-02-22 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 It's only been in the past 60 or so years that humans have been able to rely on television meteorologists for weather predictions. Before Al Roker, the Babylonians looked at cloud
  7. 狗年想换工作?记住这7条就对了

    2018-02-22 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 1. TAP YOUR NETWORK
    拓展职业关系网While it's not impossible to bag a job without a reference, it has been shown to increase the chances of a recruiter looking at your CV and, eve
  8. 平昌冬奥会:美食色彩音量刺激诠释“激情同在”

    2018-02-22 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Every Olympics is a fusion of the generic, staid look of the Games, as mandated by the International Olympic Committee, with the singular aesthetic of the hosting country. It is wh
  9. 如何提高英语阅读能力

    2018-02-21 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 How do I improve my reading comprehension in English?
    我怎样提高英语阅读能力?获得1.8k好评的回答@Pranit Nagare:Reading short one page articles on the internet are not of any use
  10. 蜜月不愉快会不会导致出轨

    2018-02-21 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 At the beginning of the 2004 film Along Came Polly, Ben Stiller's character Reuben catches his new wife cheating on him with a French scuba instructor-while they're on thei
  11. 美文赏析:静静地活,不埋怨也不嘲笑

    2018-02-20 所属栏目:英语美文欣赏 Almost everybody thinks they are really the masters of their own lives.
    几乎每个人都以为自己真的拥有自己的人生。I used to think that way, too.
    我以前也这么想。But, that was the p
  12. 不想减少饭量,但是想瘦,怎么办?

    2018-02-19 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 When it comes to losing weight, the most important rule of thumb is to consume fewer calories than you're taking in each day. But cutting calories doesn't have to mean eating les
  13. 这些方法能让你和你的另一半身心愉悦

    2018-02-19 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 1. HAVE A PHONE-FREE DINNER
    1. 吃一顿不被手机打扰的晚餐Whether it's at home or in a restaurant, a meal free of cell phones can work wonders for your attitude. "It sounds simple,
  14. 属狗名人盘点:他们谁是金狗年生的

    2018-02-19 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. For example, a Wood Dog comes once in a 60-year
  15. 中国过年吃的吉利食物 你知道都有什么寓意吗?

    2018-02-18 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Fish — an Increase in Prosperity
    鱼——越来越富足In Chinese, "fish" (鱼 Yú /yoo/) sounds like 'surplus'. Chinese people always like to have a surplus at t
  16. 初一到十五 春节习俗知多少

    2018-02-17 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 虽说如今我们的生活天天都像过年,但是在传统文化中,春节的每一天都是有讲究的。比如,初一早上吃饺子、放鞭炮,初二女儿回娘家拜年,初四迎灶神,等等。咱们一起回顾一下吧。大年初一:金鸡报
  17. 过年千万别送这10种礼物

    2018-02-17 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 1. Sharp Objects — Cut Off Relationship
    尖锐的东西——断绝关系Giving somebody a sharp object insinuates that you want to cut off your relationship with them. A com
  18. 春节到,贴一副英文春联吧!

    2018-02-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 English language couplets have become a new and stylish way among Chinese young people to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.
  19. 情人节送啥好?看看这些“反面教材”先

    2018-02-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 1. “He paid to get the brakes in my Jeep fixed. Then, when he found out it needed more parts, he gave me the rest of the bill.” ― Sara S.
  20. 中国人得多花钱?希思罗机场免税店正式道歉

    2018-02-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 A duty-free company that operates at London’s Heathrow Airport has apologized after Chinese customers accused it of discrimination.
  21. 比特币滑向6000美元关口

    2018-02-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Bitcoin slid towards $6,000 on Tuesday hitting a 12-week low and extending losses for a third consecutive day.
  22. 马斯克一手造梦想一手造时势

    2018-02-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 To follow Elon Musk’s Twitter feed on Tuesday as SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off from its launch pad was to enter into the zany, geeky, mettlesome, and inspira
  23. 哈里梅根王室婚礼细节公布 “伴郎”威廉陷两难

    2018-02-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed details about their forthcoming wedding.
    哈里王子和梅根·马克尔日前公布了他们的婚礼细节。Kensington Palace released an update on
  24. 近几年,汉语中的狗文化好像变了

    2018-02-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 #Self-mocker
    自嘲Words and phrases containing dogs (Gou in Chinese) are commonly used by young people when cracking jokes about themselves.
    年轻人经常拿含有狗的字词来自嘲。For ex
  25. 剑桥大学引入性侵匿名举报 9个月收到近200起投诉

    2018-02-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 The University of Cambridge has admitted that it has a "significant problem" with sexual misconduct after receiving almost 200 complaints in a matter of months.
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