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  1. 2018奥斯卡最佳外语片初选名单出炉 《战狼2》未入选

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 The Academy has announced the nine foreign-language films that will now compete for a nomination for the best foreign-language film Oscar.
  2. 2017年大家最想知道啥?来看看谷歌年度搜索榜单

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Hurricane Irma, which caused catastrophic damage when it swept across the Caribbean and Florida Keys in September, was the most searched term globally this year.
  3. 亚洲十所最大的购物商场,中国占7个!

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Nanjing Golden Eagle World has been described as Asia's largest shopping mall. That's a peculiar distinction, given that the seven biggest malls—typically defined by gross
  4. 霉霉得罪整个娱乐圈!好友还说她的心很大?

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Selena Gomez is “glad” her best friend Taylor Swift was born on Dec. 13.
    霉霉是赛琳娜·戈麦斯的好闺蜜,她12月13日庆生,赛琳娜很开心。The “Wolves” sin
  5. Supreme跨界合作走太远!这次竟然是劳力士手表?

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 If true, this would be the first time that a Supreme x Rolex watch has been made available to the public.Rumours are currently circulating that Supreme are in talks with iconic wat
  6. 贝嫂和准王妃还是好闺蜜?原因你肯定猜不到

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 I can reveal the US actress has grown close to VICTORIA BECKHAM after meeting up in secret since announing her engagement to the Royal and moving to London.
  7. 智能系统还能照顾孩子?保姆一行前景堪忧

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Google has revealed plans for a 'remote babysitter' service that uses cameras and motion sensors to alert parents when their child is in danger.
  8. 2017年游客最爱去的20个城市

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 20. Miami, Florida
    迈阿密,美国佛罗里达州Despite being hit hard by Hurricane Irma, Miami's beaches and world-renowned party scene attracted 8.1 million visitors in 2017.
  9. 360水滴直播引风波:“周鸿祎,别再盯着我们看”

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Qihoo 360, a leading Chinese internet security company and also a camera maker, has been accused of infringing on people's privacy for streaming videos recorded by its surveillanc
  10. 我是个缺乏安全感的人,怎么办

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 I am the type of person who worries a lot, and stays worried most of the time. What can I do?
    我是没有安全感的人,怎么办?获得748好评的回答@Dave CrispYou can’t just stop wor
  11. 林书豪明明是学霸 却非要用打球证明自己

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 In H.S, Jeremy Lin had a 4.2 GPA, averaged 15/7/6 and 5 steals, made first-team all state and won a California State Championship. He was offered zero athletic scholarships.
  12. 研究表明 一天3杯咖啡最健康

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Moderate coffee drinking is safe, and three to four cups a day may have some health benefits, according to a large review of previous studies, in the BMJ.
  13. 乐视创始人被列入中国“失信”名单

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 The Chinese founder of LeEco, who once vowed to take on Tesla with his self-driving vehicle ventures, has been blacklisted on China’s national debtors’ database.
  14. 小米文件引发造车猜想

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi has hinted at plans to build electric vehicles as tech groups increasingly look to cars as next-generation smart devices.
  15. 想移民?来看看哪个国家最适合你

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 加拿大正在召唤你。那里有令人神往的时尚都市,还拥有世界上最美丽宁静的风光,未来几年将吸纳100万新移民。你还在等什么呢?新西兰也是个不错的移民去处。在世界的另一头,这个国家也在向爱漂泊
  16. 美队、比伯等发声支持被霸凌的男孩,校园暴力何时才能终止?

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 近日,一名遭受校园霸凌的小男孩强忍泪水、不断追问母亲的视频让不少美国人心碎了。“Just out of curiosity, why do they bully? ”
  17. 小心比特币泡沫!法媒盘点史上5次最疯狂“吹泡泡”

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 比特币价格今年上演疯狂行情。今年九月,诺贝尔经济学奖得主罗伯特-席勒重申,比特币是一种泡沫。他指出,比特币的上涨速度已超过了近期历史上大部分泡沫。法新社近日盘点了历史上5次最疯狂的&l
  18. 美籍在华专家:逃离阴影 日本需就南京大屠杀真心致歉

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 英文《中国日报》12月13日刊登美籍记者兰迪•赖特(Randy Wright)撰写的文章《反思南京大屠杀:逃离阴影》,文中痛斥日本二战时在南京犯下的滔天暴行,呼吁日本向德国学习,承认错误向中国
  19. 水果姐超爱拔罐!已经臣服在中国技术之下

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 'Healing': Katy Perry spends her day off pampering herself with a leg and foot cupping session
    “疗愈”:Katy Perry让自己的腿和脚一整天都在拔罐中Katy Perry enjoyed a m
  20. 霉霉和新男友首次现身镜头!又吃了把狗粮~

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Taylor Swift has been spotted in public for the first time with her long-term boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.
  21. 什么样嗓音更容易让别人相信你?

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 It's no secret that making a good first impression can go a long way. But aside from a smile and a firm handshake, you need one key trait to truly nail that initial meet-and-greet
  22. 每个人都在想 詹皇的巅峰到底还有多长?

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 During his 15th NBA season, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James is performing at a level that echoes the prime that saw him win four MVPs.
  23. 幸福产业上市公司快速崛起 净利均增长

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 China's listed companies in the so-called "happiness industries", industries that are related to people's quality of life and sense of well-being, such as tourism, sports, health
  24. 国资充实社保方案出炉 10%国有股权划转社保

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 China will transfer some state assets, including shares of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and financial institutions, to the country's social security funds as an aging society pu
  25. 小米计划在印度市场投资10亿美元

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Chinese telecoms group Xiaomi will prioritise India over its home market and invest 1 billion dollars in the country's start-ups as it looks to accelerate growth outside of its hi
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