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  1. 中年换工作?这几个错误千万不能犯

    2018-01-16 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Changing careers is never easy—but it is absolutely possible. Just because you're on a dedicated career path doesn't mean you have to stay on it forever.
  2. 英文简历中最常见的8个拼写错误

    2018-01-16 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 求职专家们总结了英文简历中最常出现的8个“错别字”,如果你正在准备英文简历,一定要注意避免出现这些“致命错误”:‘Manager’ vs. ‘manger’Her
  3. 一天中什么时间工作效率最高?

    2018-01-16 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Zeniths for employee hustle and productivity are Mondays before 11am in October, according to a study by California-based project management platform Redbooth published in November
  4. 笔迹还暗示了你是什么性格?有点小准

    2018-01-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 How big or small do you write?
    字的大小You'd be surprised to see what your handwriting says about you.
    听到“笔迹会暴露一个人的性格”你一定会大吃一惊。Did you know big
  5. 健怡可乐推出全新包装!4种口味任你选

    2018-01-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Diet Coke Unveils a Sleek New Can — and 4 Intriguing New Flavors
    健怡可乐推出了全新包装及四种吸引人的新口味Say goodbye to the Diet Coke can you now know. In an effort to app
  6. 《老友记》重播,却遭网友热嘲!怎么回事?

    2018-01-15 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and ran for over 10 years before its finale in 2004, but since the show arrived on Netflix in the US in 2017, it has attract
  7. 美文欣赏:奋斗没有你想想的那么美好

    2018-01-14 所属栏目:英语美文欣赏 Recently, one of M’s friend was about to graduate. He had been looking for a job and he came to M for advice.
    最近,M的一位朋友即将毕业,正在找工作,来咨询M的意见。This frie
  8. 人们对非洲有哪些误解?

    2018-01-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 What is something most people don't know about Africa?
    非洲有什么事是大多数人不知道的?获得634.7k好评的回答@Innocent Masengo:That most Africans are poor, not because they really
  9. 把别人吐掉的酒回收加工后二次出售,这……你敢喝吗?

    2018-01-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Peter Bignell, of Tasmanian Belgrove Distillery, was first struck by the idea at the Rootstock festival in Sydney, a gathering of winemakers from all over the world promoting susta
  10. 瑞士规定龙虾须先打昏才能下水煮 因为龙虾很怕疼

    2018-01-14 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 The Swiss government has ordered an end to the common culinary practice of throwing lobsters into boiling water while they are still alive, ruling that they must be knocked out bef
  11. 坚持改变30天,看看小程序员创造出什么奇迹

    2018-01-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 A few years ago, I felt like I was stuck in a rut, so I decided to follow in the footsteps of the great American philosopher, Morgan Spurlock, and try something new for 30 days.几年
  12. 男性不得不了解的十大健康问题

    2018-01-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 If you take better care of your car or favorite gadget than your body, you aren’t alone. According to the Men’s Health Network, a lack of awareness, weak health educati
  13. 直播答题一夜爆火!

    2018-01-13 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Livestreaming quiz applications are witnessing an explosive surge in China by drawing in a record number of participants in just a few days, making it the next growth frontier of t
  14. 美文赏析:兴趣不一样的人怎么在一起?

    2018-01-13 所属栏目:英语美文欣赏 I just broke up with my girlfriend.
    我刚刚和女朋友分手了。Yeah, it's a sad story.
    对,这是个悲伤的故事。But we are totally OK with it.
    但是我们俩对此都很淡定。It's not that so
  15. 生孩子真的会让你“折寿”么?

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Women who give birth may be biologically "older" than women who don’t, a new study suggests.一项新研究发现,生过孩子的女性在生理上会比那些没有生过的“更老”。For th
  16. 看马克吐温给年轻人的忠告

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Being told I would be expected to talk here, I inquired what sort of talk I ought to make. They said it should be something suitable to youth-something didactic, instructive, or so
  17. 说唱歌手PG One的歌曲在各大音乐平台全部下架

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 All of a popular rapper’s songs have been removed from such music-streaming platforms as QQ Music and Xiami.一名人气说唱歌手的所有歌曲在包括QQ音乐和虾米音乐等所有的主流音乐平
  18. 什么决定了人的音乐品味?

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 What determines people's taste in music?
    什么决定了人的音乐品味?来自哥伦比亚大学音乐理论本科主任Mariusz Kozak的回答:OUR PREFERENCE FOR THIS OR THAT KIND OF MUSIC IS obviously a
  19. 男生最喜欢什么样发色的女生?

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 It's been decades since Marilyn Monroe ruled the silver screen. But, according to a study, it seems gentlemen still prefer blondes.
  20. 今天你读到最美好的文字

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 What is the best thing you read today?
    你今天读到最好的文字是什么?获得310.9k好评的回答@AnandBhushan Singh:A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much.
  21. “全球最热”的撒哈拉沙漠下雪了,积雪厚度近半米

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 This coincides with just as extreme weather in other parts of the world.
    这场降雪恰逢世界其他地区也出现极端天气。The east coast of the United States continues to face the brutally
  22. 人生赢家们25岁时都在干啥?

    2018-01-12 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had a cushy job in finance.
    亚马逊创始人兼首席执行官杰夫-贝索斯有一份金融行业的美差At 24, the future Amazon founder and CEO went to work at Banke
  23. 好皮肤究竟怎么来?贝嫂一天的美容开销竟这么多!

    2018-01-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Victoria Beckham has revealed the obscene amount of money she spends on her beauty regime every day.
    近日,贝嫂公开了在美容方面的每日开销。Lifting the lid on her daily routine, th
  24. H&M摊上大事!竟是因为一件绿色卫衣?

    2018-01-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 The Weeknd has cut all ties with H&M after one of its advertising photographs was labelled racist.
  25. 史上最著名的一场演讲:带着信仰,直击人心

    2018-01-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 《至暗时刻》与同年上映的《敦刻尔克》完美衔接,两部影片都用了丘吉尔的演讲做结束,这段史上最著名的一段演讲也是我们今天的主题。We shall never surrender
    我们决不投降We shall go on to
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