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  1. 哈里王子呼吁关注心理健康!高压工作人群更需要

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Prince Harry is continuing his crusade to increase mental health awareness and conversation in the United Kingdom. On Monday, the royal spoke at the Ministry of Defence to kick off
  2. 四川辣椒酱在美遭疯抢!现场更是超级火爆

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 A PR stunt which saw McDonald's resurrect an old dipping sauce due to its inclusion in Rick and Morty backfired as police were called to scenes after thousands of fans were left d
  3. 美国人觉得英国哪些方面很奇怪

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 What do Americans find strange about the UK?
    对美国人来说,英国的哪些方面很奇怪?来自@Stephanie Garcia的回答:I grew up in California but have spent about four years living in var
  4. 英国王室继承法则,头衔传子不传女?!

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 When it comes to British royalty, there are two ways to become a princess: you either need to be born the daughter of a prince, or you have to marry one.
  5. 不要再和另一半为这些事争吵了

    他们攻击你的人格VS.具体埋怨某件事。Fighting about sex? Money? In-laws? Our experts tell you what you're really f
  6. 社交媒体让青少年处于“重大心理健康危机”的边缘

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 We know from rafts of research that isolation is bad for us. It's associated with a clutch of diseases including depression, high blood pressure and heart disease. And yet teenage
  7. 天猫将通过授权方式搭建1万家线下实体店

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Alibaba announced that Tmall.com will license more than 10,000 physical stores in China this fiscal year.
    阿里巴巴近日宣布,天猫网将于本财年内在国内授权逾1万家实体店。These physic
  8. 为人父母后,你才会知道这些事

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 As any parent will tell you, there's only so much preparing you can do. The rest you just have to figure out. Will you become a superhuman multitasker? A storyteller to put J.K. R
  9. 不会演戏的经济学家不是好股神,这位新晋诺奖得主有点意思

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Peter Gardenfors, member of the committee for the Economics Prize said, Thaler's achievements successfully integrated economics and psychology, as he made economics "more human."
  10. 职场高手永远不会自曝的12件事

    2017-10-11 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 You can’t build a strong professional network if you don’t open up to your colleagues; but doing so is tricky, because revealing the wrong things can have a devastating
  11. 美文赏析:生气,是在展现你的无能

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语美文欣赏 No matter where you live, you must understand that this world which you live in does not necessarily work as you think.
  12. 焦虑的人能更快速地做出决定

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Anxious people make some decisions more quickly, but not the ones you'd expect.
    焦虑的人能更快速地做出决定,但不是你预期中的那种决定。It turns out that anxious people are better
  13. 如何防止衣服褪色?

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 How to Prevent Colours Running
    如何防止衣服褪色To prevent colours in household linen from running and staining other linen when washed together, coloured things should first be st
  14. 肚脐眼不能随便乱抠,真相原来是这样!

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Ever wonder why sticking your finger in your belly button makes you want to spend a penny?
    你有没有想过为啥用手抠肚脐眼会让你想上厕所?If you don't know what we're talking about
  15. 成龙女儿吴卓林出柜

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Etta Ng, the estranged daughter of martial artist and “Rush Hour” star Jackie Chan and Chinese beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, says she’s an out and proud lesbian.
  16. 鹿晗与关晓彤公开承认恋情

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Luhan just announced that he was in a relationship on his personal Weibo account.
    鹿晗发微博公开与关晓彤恋情。“Hello everyone, let me introduce my girlfriend GuanXiaoTong&rd
  17. 穿鞋不穿袜 会得“香港脚”

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 The trend of wearing shoes without socks is leading to a rise in cases of problems such as athlete’s foot, the College of Podiatry has warned.
  18. 印度小哥发明“电击鞋” 可以电击色狼并报警

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 18岁的曼达拉来自海得拉巴,因为看到太多女性被暴力侵犯的案例,他和母亲加入要求政府保护妇女安全的示威活动,并立志投入心力。He spent years working on the “ElectroShoe”, a u
  19. 国外母亲"10不要"箴言,每一个妈妈都值得看看

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 One mom is inspiring parents across the internet with this powerful letter that she wrote to her five-year-old daughter.
  20. 童颜女神林志玲登上外媒!老外:太完美了

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 A flawless actress from Taiwan has left her thousands of fans in shock after revealing her true age.
    台湾一位完美的女演员在公开年龄后惊呆了上万粉丝。Lin Chi-Ling, who is a model
  21. 在这5个行业工作能毁了你的健康

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 A recent survey from NPR (National Public Radio) adds to a growing pile of research that some jobs can really, really hurt your health.
  22. 十年一剑! 外教社汉英对照版四大名著出齐!

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 A new Chinese-English edition of the four classics of Chinese literature was recently published by a Shanghai publishing house after ten years of persistent efforts, thepaper.cn re
  23. 美国人的新消遣方式 坐在公园里搓麻将!

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 Mahjong, which originated in China, has evolved to become a popular American pastime since it was introduced to the US in early 1920s.
  24. 研究表明 独生子女更容易出轨?

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 According to a new study, only children are most likely to cheat on their partners.
    根据一项最新研究表明,独生子女是最有可能出轨的群体。The research was carried out by Illicit Enc
  25. 移动支付现状调查 中国14%消费者不带现金

    2017-10-09 所属栏目:英语阅读|英语阅读理解 About 14 percent people don't carry any cash when they go out, as mobile payments replace wallets in China, French market research firm Ipsos reported.
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