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  1. 美文赏析:你怎样过早晨,就怎样过一生

    2017-12-10 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Every morning, you are defining how your life would be like.
    每一天早上,你都在定义你未来人生的模样。No, I'm not saying the cliche that every morning you have the chance to make
  2. 英文美文:能承受委屈,才能承受责任

    2017-12-09 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 If life treats you unfairly.
    如果生活对你不公。Don't cry. Don't shout. Don't complain to anyone.
    不要哭泣。不要叫嚷。也不要向任何人抱怨。Because that's just how life is.
  3. 美文赏析:只有在乎你的人,才会对你啰嗦

    2017-12-03 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Everyone has that period in which they find those who are close to them start to seem annoying .
    每个人都会经历这样的时期:发现身边那些亲近的人开始变得有点烦了。You suddenly reali
  4. 美文赏析:脾气好,是一种很厉害的能力

    2017-12-02 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Someone once told me that never underestimate anyone who doesn't lose temper.
    有人曾经对我说:永远不要小看一个不发脾气的人。This kind of people usually possess great capacity.
  5. 美文赏析:人生决不能犯的3个错误

    2017-11-26 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 One will make a lot of mistakes in his or her life.
    一个人在一生中会犯很多错误。This rule works for everybody.
    这个道理对每个人都适用。No one can avoid it.
    没有人可以避免。But t
  6. 美文赏析:说话的人很多,倾听的人很少

    2017-11-25 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 A person has two ears but only one mouth.
    一个人有两只耳朵,但只有一张嘴巴。That's because we are meant to listen, not to just speak.
  7. 美文赏析:有一种魅力,叫做修养

    2017-11-21 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 A person's purest charm comes from his manners.
    一个人最根本的魅力,来自他的修养。This kind of charm doesn't need any decoration. It comes out of your heart and reaches directly
  8. 英语美文:不管世事如何,生命都在继续

    2017-11-20 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 It feels good to move back home after two years.
    在经过了两年之后,能搬回家住真的很不错。It was the last place I saw him alive, the last place I kissed him goodbye, and the last p
  9. 英语美文:刺猬与狐狸的哲理

    2017-11-19 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 There are two types of people in this world. The first type is like foxes. The other type is like hedgehogs.
    这个世界上有两种人,一种是刺猬,另一种是狐狸。A fox knows many trivial
  10. 美文赏析:即使生活琐碎,也要活得优雅

    2017-11-18 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Who can say that their lives are not insignificant?
    谁的生活不琐碎呢?Everyone's life is composed with one after another insignificant day.
  11. 美文赏析:我不同意你的观点,但我尊重你

    2017-11-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 With the years gone by, I have found that more and more people that I met have different views from mine.
    随着一年一年过去,我发现,我和越来越多的人观点不同。Sometimes I couldn't
  12. 美文赏析:与人打交道,最怕没有底线

    2017-11-12 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 The worst thing you can encounter when you interact with people is your own lack of a base line.
    人际交往中最不能做的第一件事,就是没有底线。No matter who you are interacting with
  13. 美文赏析:文化层次高的人,不怕独处

    2017-11-11 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 I once saw such a scene in The Shawshank Redemption :
    我曾在《肖申克的救赎》中看过这样一个场景:Andy was confined in a cell for a month. He spent everyday of that month in darknes
  14. 英语美文:节俭,是一种了不起的能力

    2017-11-05 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Many so-called life coaches will tell you that: if a man loves a woman, he should spend as much money as possible on her without hesitation .
  15. 美文欣赏:情商高的人都知道这3点

    2017-11-04 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 A person with high EQ doesn't often criticize people.
    一个情商高的人,不会总是去批评别人。That's because criticizing usually doesn't solve any problem.
  16. 美文阅读:时间再少,也要挤出来读书

    2017-10-31 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Reading is not just about learning a certain skill.
    读书,不光是去学习一门特定的技能。Nor is it just about learning how to create prettier combination of words.
  17. 美文赏析:请让自己值得拥有爱情

    2017-10-29 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 If you're really longing for love, don't just wait for it to happen.
    如果你真的渴望爱情,就不要只是期待遇到谁。Make yourself deserving this love.
  18. 美文赏析:你的思维决定了你的命运

    2017-10-29 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 This world is not fair.
    这个世界并不是公平的。Some people are born in wealthy families. They never need to worry about things like food as they grow up.
  19. 美文欣赏:越是爱自己,越应该对自己狠

    2017-10-23 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Loving yourself doesn't mean drowning yourself in all kinds of material luxury. Neither does it mean complaining about how unfair the world is with all those lame excuses of yours
  20. 美文赏析:最大的智慧,是保持冷静

    2017-10-21 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Once there was a scientist. He wanted to study how monkeys learn.
    曾经有一位科学家,他想研究猴子的学习能力。He put two peanuts into a tall glass bottle.
  21. 美文赏析:不要小看一个身材好的人

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Who doesn't like someone who is in good shape?
    谁不喜欢身材好的人呢?It's just that many people are not willing to admit it.
    只是好多人不太愿意说出来罢了。For that's judging s
  22. 美文赏析:人品才是最高的学历

    2017-10-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Across the world, numerous sages in ancient times had emphasized that morality values way much more than merits.
    不管是哪国的先贤,都强调德比才更重要。Many parents, too, taught th
  23. 美文赏析:努力,是一种生活态度

    2017-10-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Trying is an attitude. It has nothing to do with your age.
    努力是一种生活态度,与年龄无关。Someone kept pushing his horizon when he was already 45, and he found his dream job the
  24. 美文赏析:生气,是在展现你的无能

    2017-10-10 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 No matter where you live, you must understand that this world which you live in does not necessarily work as you think.
  25. 英语美文:被人评头论足也要做的10件事

    2017-10-05 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
    如果知道没有人在旁边指指点点,你会以一种的不同方式来做事吗?Truth be told, no one has the right to judge you. Peo
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