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  1. CRI听力:Hebei fanns winter sports passion in China

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:CRI News Following the revelation of the emblem for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China's 4th National Winter Sports Season has kicked off in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.As one of the
  2. CRI听力:Writers call for better understanding at BRICS Literature Forum

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:CRI News "I'm here as a writer, representing South Africa in the BRICS Literature Forum, which is big, quite exciting, and it's an opening."This is Niq Mhlongo, a Johannesburg-based novel
  3. 钱柜777官方网站:缩减联合国维和预算有什么后果?

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 One of the foreign policy goals of United States President Donald Trump's administration has been to reform United Nations peacekeeping.The administration says that the U.N. peace
  4. BBC news 2017-12-17

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:BBC world news BBC news 2017-12-17请大家先自己尝试听写或听完写下大意以练习提高自己的听力....听力文本内容随后再放上...
  5. 钱柜777官方网站:大学入学:正确把握时机

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Timing is everything. That is an expression people around the world use in many situations.Generally, this expression means that taking action at the right time can be just as impo
  6. 钱柜777官方网站:你是掌权还是失职?

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Now, it's time for Words and Their Stories.On this program we explore common expressions in American English.Today, we talk about expressions that began behind the wheels of autom
  7. 钱柜777官方网站:科学家发现古代的企鹅和人类一样大

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Newly discovered fossils in New Zealand have revealed a giant penguin that was as big as an adult man.The creature was almost the same size and weight as professional Canadian hock
  8. 缩减联合国维和预算有什么后果?

    2017-12-17 所属栏目:AS IT IS One of the foreign policy goals of United States President Donald Trump's administration has been to reform United Nations peacekeeping.The administration says that the U.N. peace
  9. 2017年12月大学英语四级听力真题MP3下载(含文本)

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:大学英语四级听力真题MP3下载 恒星英语小编:目前只有在线音频,稍后会给大家提供MP3音频下载2017年12月英语四级答案汇总小编提醒:英语四级考试采取“多题多卷”模式,试题顺序不统一,请依据试题进行核对!Part II
  10. 2017年12月大学英语六级真题听力mp3和文本下载

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:大学英语六级听力真题MP3下载 六级真题请访问: http://www.hxen.com/CET46/CET6/zhenti/2017年12月英语六级答案汇总Part IIListening comprehension(30miutes)Section aDirections: in this section, you will hear two long
  11. VOA常速英语:Tillerson Hopes Diplomacy Can Counter North Korea Nuclear Threat

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to rekindle hopes for a diplomatic solution to the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear program and missile test,during a speech at
  12. VOA常速英语:Drinking Coffee May Prolong Life

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Perhaps the best demonstration of coffee’s impact worldwide happened recently in Beijing, the capital of tea drinking China,where the US based chain Starbucks opened its larg
  13. VOA常速英语:Trump to send US astronauts back to the moon

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Forty-five years ago, 1972, the last time an astronaut walked on the moon. On Monday that retired astronaut Harrison Schmitt gave President Donald Trump a memento, after he signed
  14. VOA常速英语:Arches National Park in Utah Attracts More Than a Million Visitors a Year

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 The Three Gossips, Parade of Elephants, North Window, the Organ, Tower of Babel, those are just a few of some 2 thousands of arch sculptures, in one of the most famous national par
  15. VOA常速英语:Driverless Buses Take to Some Roads in California

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Curiosity got the best of the Dupins, they had to get on board.“I want to get one for my house just take as a mail bus.”
  16. VOA常速英语:UN Members Sign Commitment to Reduce Plastic Pollution

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Plastic has been around for nearly a century.These days, it’s everywhere especially in the world’s waterways.An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our
  17. VOA常速英语:EmTech at MIT: Where Technology’s Future First Appears

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 For the IT community, EmTech’s annual conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an event equal to the Hollywood Academy Awards.Guests in the past have included th
  18. VOA常速英语:New York City Police Arrest Suspect in Failed Suicide Bombing

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 The tiny explosion occurred during New York City’s rush hour causing subway lines to be closed and streets to be blocked off.After about two hours of confusion New York state
  19. VOA常速英语:Macron Urges Netanyahu to Make Gestures For Peace

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Lebanese security forces fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse angry demonstrators near the US Embassy outside Beirut. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees live in
  20. 如何控制情绪 掌控你的生活

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Mark Manson, the author of ’The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck," explains how to better handle our emotions. Following is a transcript of the video.马克.曼森,纽约时报畅销书
  21. 研究表明婚姻有助于降低患痴呆症的风险

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Being married could help stave off dementia, a new study has suggested.最新一项研究表明,结婚有助于延缓痴呆症的发生。Levels of social interaction could explain the finding, experts
  22. 诗人余光中逝世,享年90岁

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Well-known Chinese poet Yu Guangzhong died on Thursday at the age of 90, according to Taiwan-based media udn.com.据台湾媒体udn网报道,中国著名诗人余光中于周四逝世,享年90岁。Yu was
  23. 40年前,邓公恢复高考,40年前,570万考生的命运被改变……

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Forty years ago China reinstated its all-important college entrance exam after a gap of more than a decade. More than five million people sat the exams in the hope of securing a un
  24. 科学家发现“第二太阳系” 距离发现另一个地球还远吗

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Nasa has found a distant star circled by eight planets, equal to the complement in our own Solar System. It’s the largest number of worlds ever discovered in a planetary system ou
  25. 2017年最热门汉字词出炉!看看哪些入选了!

    2017-12-16 所属栏目:英语听力材料 A shortlist of the 20 hottest Chinese words and Chinese characters of 2017 has been announced.2017年最热门20个汉字词候选名单已经公布。Words and characters on the list related to do
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