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  1. 全球受益的营养指南:对健康有利,也对环境有益

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 You know those nutrition guidelines the government issues every few years? It turns out that following them isn’t just good for your health. It’s good for the planet, too.你知道政
  2. 如何与自恋的老板共处?

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Craig Malkin: If you’re dealing with a boss who is just sort of arrogant and can be aloof and difficult to deal with, there are two approaches that are very effective. One is that
  3. 南京大屠杀死难者公祭仪式于南京举行

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 China will hold an annual memorial for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre today in the eastern city.今天,我国将在东部城市为南京大屠杀中的死难者举行年度公祭仪式。Leaders of the Co
  4. 梅西:阿根廷在世界杯上将会表现得更强大

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Argentina will be a better team at the 2018 World Cup than the one that struggled during the South American qualifying tournament, according to Albiceleste captain Lionel Messi.阿根
  5. 涨姿势!世界上6个没有机场的国家

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 When you’re traveling to another country, the first thing you probably do is book your flight. In just a handful of countries, though, you won’t be able to fly directly.当你去另一
  6. 中国武汉科学家团队揭开SARS疫情谜底:病毒源自蝙蝠

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Scientists have pinpointed a population of virus-infected bats, which they have linked to the mysterious outbreak of Sars disease 15 years ago. Hundreds died as the virus spread ar
  7. 四季不同命!看出生季节是如何影响着你的性格

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Even if you don’t buy into astrology, recent research suggests that the time of year you were born does actually play a big role in who you become. Specifically, your season of bi
  8. 6岁小学生搞玩具评论,年赚1100万秒杀无数网红

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 At an age when many of us were dropping loose change into our piggy banks, one enterprising little boy from the United States is already a self-made multimillionaire.当我们大多数人
  9. 110万考生参加国家公务员考试,考试录取比39:1

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 More than 1.1 million people took the National Public Servant Exam in China Sunday, a leap from last year’s 984,000, marking the second time the number has hit the one millio
  10. 刚刚,韩国总统文在寅抵达北京!他将与习主席讨论这些大事!

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 South Korean President Moon Jae-In began his first state visit to China on Wednesday to soothe relations strained by the US deployment of an anti-missile system that has angered Be
  11. 千禧一代乐意和机器人谈恋爱

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 French advertising and public relations company Havas conducted the study, which sampled around 12,000 people of mixed ages worldwide, the Daily Mail reported.最新的一项研究显示,很
  12. 如何种植幸福,孕育明天的梦想

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Step one:步骤一:Plant yourself deep in a bed of faith, and pack it down solid and tight. Drench daily with positive thinking, and keep saturated just right, mulch often with forgi
  13. 刘鑫,江歌为你英年死去,你却给陈世峰递把刀,还把门反锁上?!

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Chen Shifeng, the alleged killer of Jiang Ge, claimed he did not plan to kill the postgraduate student, reported ifeng.com on Monday.凤凰网于周一报道,杀害江歌的嫌犯陈世峰声称,他没
  14. 新突破!提升免疫系统 抵御癌症

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Scientists have discovered a new function of a protein called Runx3. Their research suggests the protein can be manipulated to boost the immune system’s defense against cancer.科学
  15. 美国南部人民喜迎初雪

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 From Portsmouth, N.H., to Nashville, Tenn., social media rejoiced over the first snowfall of the season this weekend.从新罕布什尔州的朴次茅斯,到田纳西州的纳什维尔,社交媒体都在为这
  16. 国内极限高空挑战第一人62楼坠亡

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Wu Yongning had amassed thousands of followers on the social network Weibo for his dramatic short videos showing him perched atop tall buildings without the use of safety equipment
  17. 咸的食物可能会加重饥饿感,不利于减肥

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Most of the warnings we hear about reducing the amount of salt in our diets have to do with reducing the risks related to high blood pressure. But a new study suggests another rea
  18. 苹果将收购音乐识别应用Shazam

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 OK. Quick question for you - what is this song?现在快问快答,这首歌的名字是什么?OK, yeah, you know it, but do you know it, the name? Well, if the name lingers just outside your m
  19. 外国文人笔下的冬天

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Nov 7 is lidong(立冬), one of the 24 solar terms, marking the beginning of winter. Descriptions of winter are normally quite downbeat for obvious reasons. Winter means strong win
  20. 勿忘国耻!南京大屠杀80周年,国家公祭仪式今日在南京举行

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 BEIJING - China will hold an annual memorial for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the eastern city of Nanjing Wednesday.北京——星期三(12月13日),中国将在东部城市南京举行一
  21. 彭麻麻获纽约茱莉亚学院荣誉博士学位

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Ms Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a well-known soprano, received an honorary doctorate from New York’s Juilliard School at the China Conservatory of Music i
  22. 午休很重要,1小时的午休可使大脑年轻5岁!

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Taking an hour’s nap after lunch can keep your brain five years younger, according to a new study.根据一项新的研究,午饭后休息1小时可以使你的大脑年轻5岁。But researchers found tha
  23. 美国纽约曼哈顿发生恐袭爆炸,已致4人受伤!

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 A man is being held after an attempted terror attack at New York City’s main bus terminal, officials say.官员们表示,在纽约市的汽车总站发生一起未遂恐怖袭击后,一男子被拘留。"Terr
  24. 圣诞精神:家长作为过来人该怎样向孩子解释圣诞老人的问题?

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 As kids who believe in Santa grow up, their parents face a couple of difficult questions: Will this be the year they stop believing? And how do I explain Mr. Claus to them without
  25. 机会总是留给有准备的人,听刘亦菲朗读《无声胜有声》

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and whatever you experience make up the content of your life.念头、情绪、感知,和你所经历的一切组成了你的生命的内容。’My life’ is what you
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