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  1. 我国年轻人“佛系”心态引媒体关注

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Chinese youth are defiantly embracing a "Buddha-like" mindset, with slogans such as "anything will do," "let it be" and "take life as it is" capturing media attention and s
  2. 人工智能为哈利波特写好了续集蓝本,值得你一看

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 JK Rowling must be thanking Dumbledore that she has her Cormoran Strike series to fall back on, after a predictive keyboard wrote a new Harry Potter story using her books and it be
  3. 这些世界名著的经典开头,让我们一起回味

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Anna karenina by Leo Tolstoy列夫.托尔斯泰《安娜.卡列尼娜》All happy families are happy alike, all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way.幸福的家庭总是相似的,而不幸的家庭则
  4. 杨安泽登纽约时报封面:我想成为美第一位华裔总统

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Who is Andrew Yang?谁是杨安泽?An Asian-American man has thrown his name into the hat and started his campaign to be the next United States president in 2020.一名亚裔美国男子为自己
  5. 合影时应该如何摆pose,看红毯摄影师怎么说

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Take a step forward上前一步A group shot is one of the most common set-ups for a photo on a night out but how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd?晚上出去聚会难免会拍张合影
  6. 日本首相促朝鲜在放弃核武上言出必行

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling on North Korea to match its recent rhetoric about giving up its nuclear weapons program with "concrete actions."日本首相安倍晋三敦促
  7. 奇!俄罗斯游客在红海里生孩子

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 This is the incredible moment a newborn baby was carried from the Red Sea in Egypt after a Russian tourist travelled to the resort town in order to give birth in the water.这是一个
  8. 铲屎官们,请让你们主子远离化妆品

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Hey lady, keep your lipstick away from that Labrador!嘿,女士,请让那只拉布拉多犬远离你的口红!Dogs are ingesting the hormone-warping chemicals commonly found in makeup, creams and
  9. 中餐新功能:解决肥胖问题

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Chinese food has a bad reputation in the UK. The rice-heavy meals and fatty meat dishes are thought to lead straight to obesity and heart disease. But properly prepared, says Chine
  10. 调查显示,四分之一男性认为与女员工发生性关系并无不妥

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 On this International Women’s Day, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate (such as a recharged conversation on women’s rights in Hollywood—thanks MeToo!). But there are also p
  11. 梅姨怒放大招:英国驱逐23名俄外交官出境

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats after Moscow refused to explain how a Russian-made nerve agent was used on a former spy in Salisbury, the PM says.首相表示,由于莫斯科拒绝了就
  12. 想轻松减肥?舒服地泡个热水澡即可

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 The world seems to be going through a big health boom and the pressure to exercise excessively is everywhere.全世界似乎正经历一个健康大热潮,过度运动的压力无处不在。But all we real
  13. 中国量产隐形材料技术震惊外媒!

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 China has built an assembly line to mass produce cutting-edge ’super materials’ that can perform the previously impossible, according to the Chinese state broadcaster.根据中国广播
  14. 让霍金成为明星的《时间简史》是一本怎样的书

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Stephen Hawking was the most remarkable author I had the privilege of working with during my career as the director of science publishing at Cambridge University Press.斯蒂芬-霍金是
  15. 旅行的意义不在于风景,在于重新审视自己

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Q’s life is now in a stalemate.Q 的生活现在陷入了一个僵局。Early in her 30s, she has a decent income and leads a relatively well-to-do middle class life.30出头的她,收入还算可观,
  16. 中国未来城市规划

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 The movement of Chinese citizens from farms to cities over the past 30 years is the largest and fastest urbanization in the history of the world, by far. Getting this process right
  17. 不是她们年少轻狂,专家表示青少年的身体先于大脑成熟

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Whatever their foibles — door-slamming, grunting, excessive Snapchatting — teenagers are right about one thing: nobody understands them. This umbra of non-comprehension takes in
  18. 中国最大电池厂商控股加拿大锂矿

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 China’s largest battery maker has taken a large controlling stake in a lithium project in Quebec, as companies rush to get access to supplies of the key raw material.中国最大电池制
  19. 3月14日是圆周率日,竟然也是爱因斯坦的生日和霍金的忌日

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 March 14, 2018, is Pi Day — that’s pi, not pie — and on Wednesday, Google marks the 30th anniversary of the math-inspired holiday with a special Doodle.2018年3月14日,是Pi Day--
  20. 达蒙、阿弗莱克等响应inclusion rider 这个条款究竟是什么

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Damon and Affleck’s Pearl Street Films has produced features like Jason Bourne and Manchester By The Sea.达蒙和阿弗莱克的珍珠街电影公司制作的影片包括《谍影重重》、《海边的曼彻斯特
  21. “不止于美”-设计助力企业成功

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Alan Murray, the chief content officer of Meredith Corporation’s Time Inc. brands, welcomed design luminaries and delegates Tuesday for the launch of the inaugural Brainstorm Desi
  22. 默克尔终于当选总理 蹒跚开始艰难第四任

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Angela Merkel has been sworn in for a fourth term as German chancellor, after months of political wrangling that left her weakened.在经历了数月的政治争论并弱化她的政权之后,安格拉·
  23. 好消息!新型滴眼液将让你不用再戴眼镜

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Researchers from the Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University just released a report explaining how a new type of eye drop infused with “nanoparticles” could replace t
  24. 看看这些起床超早的成功人士,你还在心安理行的睡懒觉吗

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 They say the early bird catches the worm, and research suggests there might be some truth to the old adage.都说早起的鸟儿有虫吃。调查发现,这句老话还真不是胡侃的。Waking up with (o
  25. 最容易被人工智能取代的10种职业,第一个就是翻译

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Translator翻译Image recognition software and voice recognition software are bringing some major advances to language translation.图像识别软件和语音识别软件为语言翻译带来了一些重要的
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