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Now that we’re in 2018, people have already predicted which ones will be popular among netizens. We also scoured through social media to see what they’ve been typing up for the last few months. You can still expect the usual like "fam," "savage,"。 But here are new Internet slang that you should start familiarizing yourself with. 现在已经是2018年,大家已经预测出网络流行语有哪些。我们搜索了所有社交媒体,看上个月这些单词的使用频率。你还是能见到常用的“家庭”,“野蛮人”等,不过,现在你得学新的网络流行语 "Puppo/Doggo" 狗狗 What it means: A cute way to refer to a dog or puppy 释义:小狗的爱称 Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch told that "puppo" and "doggo" aren’t going anywhere this year. "It’s no secret that the world in a somewhat unsettled state and that societal issues are at an all-time high. In the 2017 year in particular, to escape the madness, it was common for people to focus on social good and all of the warm and fuzzy feels," she said. So you might just find yourself saying this to every dog you see from now on. 网络语言学家格雷琴.麦克洛克称,狗狗这个称呼,2018年仍然会使用。她称,现在整个世界都比较动荡,社会问题高发,尤其是2017年。为了逃避这些疯狂事件,大家倾向于关注一些温暖的事情。所以你会发现,你可能会对你见到的每个狗狗这么说。 "Wig" 假发 What it means: Usually comes after "snatched," which expresses excitement or happiness. 释义:通常跟在“抓”的后面,表示极度兴奋和快乐。 According to Urban Dictionary, this term is mostly used by women and gay men. It notes that this is a common expression when their favourite divas like Beyonce does something amazing. This is also another version of "snatching weaves," and usually comes with a GIF of a bald person for, you know, added humour. 根据城市字典,这个词,女生以及同性恋群体喜欢使用。字典提到,当喜爱的女歌手,像碧昂丝做一些令人兴奋的事情时,这个词经常会出现。这个词也是“抓狂”的另外一个说法,通常还会配上一个光头照片,你知道,为了增加笑点。 "Gucci" 古驰 What it means: Something cool or great; highly coveted 释义:一些特别酷,特别好的事情,令人梦寐以求的。 "Gucci" is technically an old slang word, but it’s gained popularity again thanks to hit songs like "Gucci Gang" by rapper Lil Pump. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a luxe brand’s name in their vocabulary to describe something awesome? Make everything feel like Gucci! “古驰”是一个比较老的俚语,它重新焕发新生,要感谢饶舌歌手李鹏的大热歌曲“古驰帮”。谁不想在自己的字典中,添加一个奢侈品品牌,来描述一些比较棒的东西,这样子感觉所有的东西都很“古驰”。 "Clapback" 回击 What it means: A witty response to an argument 释义:怼得很棒 We had no shortage of celebrity and influencer clapbacks on social media in previous years. Bustle reported that as people become more outspoken about various issues, expect to see this term more on social media. 前些年,总是有名人或者大v在社交媒体上怼来怼去。 Bustle报道称,现在人们越来越喜欢表达,是所以这个词在社交媒体上,肯定会频繁使用 "Sus" 怀疑中 What it means: Abbreviation for "suspicious" 释义:怀疑的缩写。 No, this isn’t the same as our Filipino expression. "Sus" is often used if someone or something is being shady. Though, we don’t know if using this abbreviation is necessary now that we have 280 characters on Twitter. 不,这可不是菲律宾式的表达。这个词一般用在某人或某物比较可疑时。不过,现在每个人在推特上都有280个人格,所以我们也不知道这个词到底有没有用。 "Receipts" 周一见 What it means: Evidence, mostly used to expose someone 释义:证据,通常指揭发某人时 With the rise of call-out culture in social media, the term "receipts" have often popped up. This usually refers to screenshots and photos of the person/people they want to expose. This is particularly useful when a woman wants to bring to light someone’s abusive and gross ways. 当社交媒体呼唤文化越来越流行时,“周一见”这个词变得经常出现。通常指的是,爆料出照片或者截屏。当女性想曝光一些人粗俗下流的行为时,特别有用。 "Schrodinger’s Text" 薛丁格短信 What it means: "If you turn your phone off the text is both received and not received until you turn it back on and see." 释义:如果你关掉手机,当你再开机是,你才能知道短信是否收到 This is a play on the thought experiment Schr?dinger’s cat, which states that you can’t know if the cat is dead or alive until you open the box. So if you’re anxiously waiting for a text that isn’t likely to come, just turn off your phone and tell your friends that you’re doing a Schr?dinger’s Text for a few hours. This will lessen your worry if the person rejects your offer. 这是思维试验“薛丁格的猫”的一个游戏,除非你打开盒子,否则你不会知道小猫是否活着。所以如果你迫切的想收到一则短信,但是一时半会儿不会收到,那么你就可以关掉手机,并告诉朋友们,接下来几个小时,你在“薛丁格信息”。如果那人拒绝你的邀请,这么做可以减少你等待的焦虑情绪。 "Ravan" 拉文 What it means: A version of "laban," (fight) which offers motivation to another person 打架的另一种说法,给另外一个人提供了动机。 We know that Filipino terms like "lodi" are everywhere on social media now. Another word that you should be familiar with is "ravan," which is commonly heard in variety show It’s Showtime 。 我们知道了菲律宾词语“愚人”,这些词语网络上都是。现在还有一个词,你得熟悉,就是“laban”,现在可以在各种脱口秀中见到。

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