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PYEONGCHANG, Feb 9 - The 23rd Winter Olympic Games opened amid a spectacular ceremony in South Korea’s PyeongChang on Friday night.2月9日,平昌讯-周五晚,第23届冬奥会在韩国平昌盛大开幕。South Korean President Moon Jae-in declared the Games open at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium following a speech by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief, Thomas Bach, who stressed the Games can send "a powerful message of peace to the world".在国际奥委会主席托马斯.巴赫讲话之后,韩国总统文在寅宣布平昌冬奥会开幕。巴赫强调,奥运会可以向世界发出“一个强有力的和平信息”。Chinese President Xi Jinping’s special envoy Han Zheng, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, rose from his seat and waved to the Chinese delegation which was led into the stadium by star short track speed skater and flagbearer Zhou Yang in the athletes parade.中国主席习近平的特使韩正暨中共中央常务委员会成员,也起立并向进场的中国代表团短道速滑明星旗手周洋挥手致意。China sent a 181-member delegation including 82 athletes, the biggest of its kind since the Vancouver Games. The Chinese athletes will compete in 55 medal events in 12 disciplines across five different sports at the Olympics.中国派出了包括82名运动员在内的181人代表团,是自温哥华奥运会以来的最大阵容。中国运动员将会在奥运会的五大运动类型中角逐12个项目的55个奖牌。In the highlight of the athletes parade, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and South Korea marched together under a unified Korean flag.在运动员队列中最醒目的是朝鲜民主共和国(DPRK)与韩国的队伍统一使用了半岛国旗。Dressed in long, white padded jackets, they followed the flag with a blue silhouette of the Korean Peninsula against a white background. The athletes also held and waved smaller unified flags aloft in their right hand, smiling in front of 35,000 spectators in the stadium.两国的运动员们穿着白色的长棉袄,跟随着绘制着朝鲜半岛蓝色轮廓白色背景的旗帜前进。他们还举起右手,挥舞着小号的国旗,从体育场的35000名观众面前面带微笑走过。The spectators included Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly, and Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of DPRK’s top leader Kim Jong Un.这些观众包括朝鲜最高人民会议常任委员会委员长金永南,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩的小妹金与正。DPRK and South Korea will also form a women’s ice hockey team to compete at PyeongChang.南朝鲜和北朝鲜将共同组建一只女子冰壶队在平昌奥运会上参赛With Russia banned from PyeongChang, 168 "clean" Russian athletes are allowed to compete in the Winter Olympics under a neutral flag as "Olympic Athletes from Russia".由于俄罗斯被禁止参加平昌冬奥会,168名符合条件的俄罗斯运动员被允许参加冬奥会,并使用号称“来自俄罗斯的奥林匹克运动员”的中性旗帜来代表俄罗斯The athletes’ parade was followed by a stellar art performance, a brilliant combination of dazzling light, music and dance, fireworks, and cultural extravaganza.紧随运动列阵游行之后的是一场出色的艺术表演-一场集耀眼的灯光、音乐、舞蹈、火焰于一体的大杂烩,也是一场文化盛会。The cauldron for the PyeongChang Games was lit by South Korea’s Olympic heroine Kim Yuna, who enthralled the crowds in Vancouver as she won Olympic figure skating gold in 2010.韩国女英雄金妍儿点燃平昌冬奥会主火炬,在2010年温哥华冬奥会中,她大显身手,且最终赢得奥林匹克花滑金牌。Unlike the powerhouse status in summer Olympics that was demonstrated by topping the gold medal table at Beijing 2008, China had not won a Winter Olympics title until the Salt Lake City Games in 2002. As the host nation of next Winter Games in 2022, China plans to plant the seeds of winter sporting success in PyeongChang.与在2008年北京(夏季)奥运会的金牌排行榜榜首彰显了大国地位不同,直到2002年的盐湖冬奥会,中国才在冬奥会夺首金。作为2022年冬奥会的举办国,中国打算在平昌冬奥会播下成功的种子。After Beijing’s successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, more and more athletes from summer sports have joined us in winter sports and they have been training very hard in snow sports, Gao Zhidan, deputy Chef de Mission of the Chinese delegation, said ahead of the opening ceremony.中国代表团副团长高志丹在开幕式前表示:“在北京成功获得2022年冬奥会主办权后,越来越多的运动员从夏季运动项目过渡到冬季项目以加入我们,他们在冬季项目上训练十分刻苦。”The top priority of the athletes is to learn more from other athletes in PyeongChang, Gao added.高补充说道:“在平昌冬奥会期间,运动员最重要的任务是从其他运动员身上学到更多东西。”China has won 12 gold, 22 silver and 19 bronze medals since the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics, which included a 5-2-4 record in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics that placed the country at 7th on the final medal table.自1980年普莱西德湖冬奥会以来,中国已获得12金牌、22银牌及19铜牌,其中包括在2010年温哥华冬奥会的5金2银4铜的记录,使中国成为最终奖牌榜的第7名。The PyeongChang Winter Games, attracting nearly 3,000 athletes from 92 countries and regions, will run through Feb 25.平昌冬奥会将一直持续到2月25日,吸引来自92个国家与地区的近3000名运动员参与。

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