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  1. CNN News:国际奥委会禁止俄罗斯参加平昌冬奥会 美民主党元老议员因性丑闻辞职

    2017-12-19 所属栏目:CNN news The IOC, the International Olympic Committee, made a major announcement yesterday about the upcoming 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
    The Russian national team would
  2. CNN News:特朗普欲承认耶路撒冷为以色列首都并搬迁大使馆

    2017-12-18 所属栏目:CNN news The Trump administration is considering a declaration that's significant around the world, whether to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    And if the U.S. government
  3. CNN News:美国参议院通过税改法案 圣诞节前有望获得批准

    2017-12-15 所属栏目:CNN news Second story out of Washington broke in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Republicans in Congress took another big step toward a major overhaul of the U.S. tax code. The Senate pa
  4. CNN News:特朗普前国安助理弗林承认在通俄门调查中作伪证 白宫欲撇清关系

    2017-12-14 所属栏目:CNN news First on Friday, a former U.S. national security adviser pled guilty to lying to government investigators. His name is Michael Flynn. He's a retired lieutenant general with the
  5. CNN News:经历多起风暴的洗礼后 2017年大西洋飓风季终于结束

    2017-12-13 所属栏目:CNN news The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is officially over. These storms can form at anytime, but the window of when they're most likely expired yesterday.
    It was an unusual season
  6. CNN News:朝鲜试射洲际弹道导弹 射程可覆盖整个美国

    2017-12-12 所属栏目:CNN news U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday. And the American leader said that more sanctions, penalties on North Korea were on the way. China fac
  7. CNN News:巴厘岛火山持续喷发 数万人疏散

    2017-12-11 所属栏目:CNN news CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: An erupting volcano in Indonesia has already forced the evacuation of 30,000 people. Authorities say 100,000 more need to get out of the danger zone. That
  8. CNN News:罗马教皇首访缅甸 罗兴亚危机成焦点

    2017-12-08 所属栏目:CNN news Yesterday, Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, became the first pope to visit Myanmar. His three-day stay there will be immediately followed by a trip to neighbo
  9. CNN News:一名朝鲜士兵叛逃投奔韩国 韩军冒死救援

    2017-12-07 所属栏目:CNN news Next today, we've told you how the demilitarize zone that separates North and South Korea is actually one of the most heavily militarized borders on earth. Our knowledge of lif
  10. CNN News:埃及清真寺恐袭已致305人死亡 军方追袭袭击者

    2017-12-06 所属栏目:CNN news AZUZ: The president of Egypt is promising to respond to a recent terrorist attack with, quote, "brute force". What happened there in Friday is believed to be the deadliest terror a
  11. CNN News:姆南加古瓦就任津巴布韦总统 向穆加贝致敬

    2017-12-05 所属栏目:CNN news There's been a major change in the southern African nation of Zimbabwe. Its former president, Robert Mugabe, resigned last week. He'd been in power since 1980, and held on
  12. CNN News:美国陆军征兵难 开放精神病史者入伍惹争议

    2017-12-04 所属栏目:CNN news Next, the U.S. Army is on a mission to recruit 80,000 new soldiers by next year. It's easier said than done. Many people don't meet the military's requirements to join.
  13. CNN News:美国宣布将朝鲜重新列入支持恐怖主义国家名单

    2017-12-01 所属栏目:CNN news First story we're explaining today, North Korea has been added to the U.S. government's list of state sponsors of terrorism. That list now includes four countries, Iran, Su
  14. CNN News:感恩节购物季开启 黑色星期五由来大起底

    2017-11-30 所属栏目:CNN news AZUZ: If NASA were to track American shopping habits through the seasons, it'd be expecting the whole country to light up in the days ahead.
    The traditional holiday shopping s
  15. CNN News:阿根廷潜水艇失联 多方联合搜救

    2017-11-29 所属栏目:CNN news First story is about an international rescue effort at sea. The ARA San Juan is an Argentine submarine. It mysteriously disappeared last Wednesday as it was travelling from the sou
  16. CNN News:美国税改迈出关键一步 众议院批准共和党税改议案

    2017-11-28 所属栏目:CNN news News from the U.S. capital kicks off our coverage. That's where Republicans in the House of Representatives passed major legislation yesterday aimed at reforming the nation&#39
  17. CNN News:津巴布韦总统被软禁 军方否认政变

    2017-11-27 所属栏目:CNN news Our show begins in Southern Africa. Zimbabwe got its independence from the United Kingdom in 1980, and since then, it's been ruled by Robert Mugabe, who was its first prime min
  18. CNN News:报告称全球有4000多万现代奴隶制受害者

    2017-11-24 所属栏目:CNN news Slavery is officially illegal in every nation on earth. But that hasn't stopped it from happening. We've reported that there have been more slavers worldwide in recent year
  19. CNN News:两伊边境大地震遇难人数升至450人 伊朗死伤惨重

    2017-11-23 所属栏目:CNN news CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: The Middle Eastern nation of Iran is observing three days of mourning after a major earthquake shook the region on Sunday.
    That's our first story tod
  20. CNN News:印度首都新德里空气污染严重 美联航取消飞往新德里航班

    2017-11-22 所属栏目:CNN news In the Southeast Asian country of India, exhausts from old cars and motorcycles, pollutions from industries, dust smoke from cooking and fires from when farmers burn their crops do
  21. CNN News:美国失业率创17年新低 民调揭示民众对经济看法

    2017-11-21 所属栏目:CNN news The unemployment rate, the share of the American labor force that doesn't have a job is low. It's at 4.1 percent. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics records that as the lo
  22. CNN News:特朗普在韩国国会发表演讲 向朝鲜发出严厉警告

    2017-11-20 所属栏目:CNN news Today's show starts in eastern Asia, where a recent speech by U.S. President Donald Trump was closely watched around the world. Speaking in front of South Korea's national
  23. CNN News:沙特进入变革期 反腐行动或为巩固王储权利

    2017-11-17 所属栏目:CNN news We're starting with news concerning Saudi Arabia. Significant changes are being made in the Middle Eastern country.
    This is an absolute monarchy. Its crown prince, Mohammed bi
  24. CNN News:得州枪击事件追踪 作案动机或与家庭矛盾有关

    2017-11-16 所属栏目:CNN news AZUZ: In the U.S. state of Texas, new details are coming to light following a shooting in a small town of Sutherland Springs. Twenty-six people were killed after a gunman opened fi
  25. CNN News:特朗普开始亚洲五国之行 贸易和朝鲜问题是重中之重

    2017-11-15 所属栏目:CNN news U.S. President Donald Trump is on a 13-day trip to five countries. In order, it includes stops in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. The White House says its t
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