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  1. 芭芭拉.布什:人生并不是只有一条路

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 She knew who she was, and she saw no need to apologize for it. In the spring of 1990, the administration of Wellesley College — the alma mater, as it happened, of Hillary Rodham C
  2. 伊隆马斯克:不要开没用的会议

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Elon Musk wants staff to cut short unproductive phone calls and meetings as he aims to boost production of the Tesla Model 3 over the next few months.伊隆·马斯克希望工作人员减少短
  3. 哪些东西能影响你的情绪?

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 The Color Red Can Make Someone More Attracted to You红色会让人更有魅力Color can affect your mood in many different ways, but its effects are largely dependent on your culture. In A
  4. 怎么才能管住自己的嘴远离垃圾食品

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 A new study confirms what you likely already know: Few things can stop us from hunting down the foods we crave.一项新研究证实了一件你可能已经知道的事情:我们很难抵御诱惑,不去吃那些
  5. 研究表明,千禧一代比其他几代人更努力

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Millennials — the generation loosely defined those born after 1981 through 1996 — have gotten a bad rap for supposedly being unprepared and overly reliant on their parents.出生于
  6. CIA局长、国务卿提名人被曝访朝 与金正恩秘密会晤

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 CIA director Mike Pompeo travelled to Pyongyang for a secret meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, US media report.美国媒体报道,中央情报局局长迈克·蓬佩奥已经访问过了平壤,
  7. 为打击国际恐怖组织!俄罗斯阻止电报应用程序加密

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Russia began implementing a ban on popular instant messaging service Telegram in accordance with a court ruling after the app’s administrators refused to provide encrypted message
  8. 技术领先不再是别的国家,中国要在月球打造“微型生态圈”

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 China hopes to create a ’mini biosphere’ on the dark side of the Moon, with flowers and silkworms sustaining each other as they grow on the lifeless lunar surface.中国希望在月球背
  9. 《狂暴巨兽》票房近4亿领跑大盘

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Hollywood sci-fi monster film "Rampage" led the Chinese box office in the week ending April 15, earning 349 million yuan (US$56 million) within three days, China Film News report
  10. 美国前第一夫人、老布什之妻去世 享年92岁

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 Barbara Bush, the former US first lady and literacy campaigner, has died at the age of 92.美国前第一夫人、扫盲运动推动者芭芭拉·布什去世了,享年92岁。She was the matriarchal figure
  11. 经济学人下载:反垄断:科技公司的收购与兼并(2)

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:经济学人双语版|经济学人下载 To ensure that the platforms do not favour their own products, oversight groups could be set up to deliberate on complaints from rivals
  12. 英语访谈节目:我不是在惹麻烦 我在进步

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语访谈节目 JUDY WOODRUFF: Meantime, Hollywood writer Nell Scovell talks about the culture of harassment that has plagued her industry. Tonight, she shares tonight she shares her Humble Opinio
  13. 英语访谈节目:普利策奖得主拉马尔创造历史

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:英语访谈节目 JUDY WOODRUFF: As we reported earlier, recipients of the Pulitzer Prize were announced today, and they included winners in literature, music, and the arts. Jeffrey Brown is with us
  14. 科学美国人60秒:Mine Social Media Posts to Predict Flu

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:科学美国人 Hi, I’m Scientific American podcast editor Steve Mirsky. And here’s a short piece from the April issue of the magazine, in the section we call Advances: Dispatches from
  15. Fox News:玩智能玩具要当心 小心信息泄露

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:Fox News Radio Today, more and more people are buying their children so-called smart toys that connect to the internet. The kids, typically, interact with the toys.
    But, says FBI special agent G
  16. AP News:俄克拉荷马州面临严重火灾

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:AP News in a Minute This is AP News Minute.
    The National Weather Service says Oklahoma is dealing with its most dangerous wildfire conditions in at least a decade. Heat, wind and low humidity are all
  17. NPR News:星巴克宣布下月临时关闭全美超8000家门店 对员工进行反种族歧视培训

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:NPR News Starbucks will close thousands of its U.S. stores on May 29 for training sessions on how to prevent racial bias. Today's announcement is the latest fallout from an incident last w
  18. CNN News:美国二战时沉没航母被发现 西弗吉尼亚州教师结束罢工

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CNN news AZUZ: In the Coral Sea off the eastern coast of Australia, a U.S. battleship has been observed for the first time since it was sunk during World War II. These are the remains of th
  19. CRI听力:China's top economic planner to lift restrictions on foreign investment

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CRI News China's top economic planner is promising to ease more restrictions on foreign investment in key areas.Yan Pengcheng, spokesperson with the National Development and Reform Commiss
  20. CRI听力:Jet makers looking to China's market for rapid growth

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CRI News The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai is focused on the future of autonomous passenger drones, in-flight digital security, carbon off-setting, and new rou
  21. CRI听力:Zimbabwe celebrates Independence Day

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CRI News The 60-thousand seat National Sports Stadium has been packed with people cheering, singing and dancing.This is Zimbabwe's first Independence Day with new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa
  22. CRI听力:Expert: Beidou system gaining popularity

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CRI News Dr. Yang Yuguang is a professor from the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation and the secretary of the IAF Space Transportation Committee. [Photo: CGTN]Chinese netizens r
  23. CRI听力:Expert: zero tariff on imported cancer drugs to benefit Chinese patients

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CRI News Chinese cancer patients will soon be able to purchase more imported anti-cancer drugs at a lower price.Starting May 1st, imported anti-cancer drugs will be exempt from tariffs.Auth
  24. CRI听力:Chinese navy conducts live fire military drill across Taiwan Strait

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:CRI News The Chinese navy conducted large scale live-fire military drills in the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday.The move comes in the wake of the largest-ever military exercises by the Chinese
  25. BBC在线收听下载:朝韩领导人会晤进入倒计时

    2018-04-19 所属栏目:BBC world news Hello, I'm Jerry Smit with the BBC news.The French President Emmanuel Macron has set out the case for a liberal European Union in response to what he called a resurgence of distra
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