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  1. 今后买火车票可以累计积分了

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:英语听力材料 China Railway is launching a frequent traveler plan on Wednesday.从周三开始,中国铁路部门将推出“铁路畅行”常旅客服务。Passengers over 12 with legal identity documents can log on t
  2. 腾讯京东入股唯品会 最大的赢家是谁?

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:英语听力材料 China’s tech giants Tencent Holdings Ltd and JD.com Inc will jointly invest $863 million in cash in Vipshop, the country’s discount online retailer, according to a statement on t
  3. 经济学人下载:科技股:重获信息泡沫时代高点(1)

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:经济学人双语版|经济学人下载 Finance and Economics
    财经Buttonwood: Hope rebooted
    梧桐树专栏:重燃希望Tech stocks have regained their dotcom-era highs.
    科技股已经重获了信息泡沫时代的高点。Cast your mind back
  4. 英语访谈节目:美国出现一家女性修车厂

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:英语访谈节目 Judy Woodruff: Now to our NewsHour Shares, something that caught our eye that may be of interest to you too. Patrice Banks used to feel uncomfortable in auto shops. Now she owns on
  5. Fox News:美国药管局批准第一种针对遗传病的基因疗法

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:Fox News Radio Advisors to the Food and Drug Administration are meeting Thursday to consider giving the go ahead to gene therapy aimed at improving vision for some people with hereditary blindnes
  6. Fox News:婚后爱情保险有妙招

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:Fox News Radio Fox on love with Ashley Papa. When a couple goes from two to three-becoming parents, it can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you're both devoting your time and attention to the child
  7. AP News:脱轨列车曾超速行驶

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:AP News in a Minute This is AP News Minute.
    Investigators south of Seattle say the Amtrak train that derailed Monday was going 80 mile per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. Three people have died in t
  8. AP News:亚达兰大机场仍在断电中

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:AP News in a Minute This is AP News Minute.

    Travel woes could linger for days after a power outage shut down Atlanta's airport for much of Sunday. More than a thousand flights were grounded. Ma
  9. NPR News:白宫称朝鲜是想哭网络病毒攻击的幕后黑手

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:NPR News Computers in some 150 countries across the world were hit this May by a crippling cyberattack. The malware was called WannaCry, and the White House now says North Korea was behind
  10. NPR News:埃尔南德斯连任洪都拉斯总统 反对者认为存欺诈行为

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:NPR News Honduras declared a winner in its contested presidential election yesterday three weeks after the actual vote. International observers say it's impossible to know who really won.
  11. CNN News:美连锁药店巨头CVS收购安泰保险 或变革美国医保产业

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:CNN news What are Aetna, Cigna and Humana?
    Are they all health insurance companies, pet food distributors, investment organizations or constellations?
    These are the names of three health
  12. CRI听力:'The Liquidator' to hit theatres on Friday

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:CRI News A Chinese film which tells the story of a series of murders carried out by a self-styled vigilante is due to hit theatres on this Friday.Xu Jizhou,the director of this crime thril
  13. CRI听力:One belt, one road initiative helps SMEs expand overseas

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:CRI News Lu Mofei launched his own website, his maiden entrepreneurial effort, when he was still a college student decades ago.He's since managed to develop a leading business services fir
  14. 钱柜777官方网站:朝鲜黑客盗取数百万美元比特币

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 North Korean hackers have taken millions of dollars in virtual currencies like bitcoin in recent attacks over the internet.Virtual currencies are forms of money that are not overse
  15. BBC在线收听下载:缅甸领导人或将面临种族屠杀的指控

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:BBC world news Hello, I'm Fiona Macdonald. It is the BBC News.The United Nation's Human Rights chief has told the BBC that he has assumed that Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi sancti
  16. BBC在线收听下载:特朗普把中俄列为“竞争对手”

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:BBC world news BBC news 2017-12-20BBC news with Fiona McDonald.President Trump has set out a new national security policy stressing the America First strategy of his election campaign. He referre
  17. 钱柜777官方网站:我们能从狗狗身上学到什么?

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 There is an English proverb that says, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie." It means to not bring up an old problem.Researchers in Hungary have found another reason to let dogs keep on sleepin
  18. 钱柜777官方网站:教育贴士:大型语言课程

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Many English language teachers around the world face a common problem: large class sizes. A large number of students in a classroom can lead to difficulties for both the instructor
  19. VOA常速英语:Partnership Between U.S. and European Union

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 The partnership between America and the European Union is based on shared values, shared objectives for security and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic, and “we remain
  20. VOA常速英语:U.S. Committed to Empowering Women

    2017-12-20 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 The United States is committed to empowering women all over the world. “In too many places around the world today women face barriers – barriers to equality, to resourc
  21. 重磅!央行“小步”跟随美联储加息

    2017-12-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 China’s central bank has followed the US Federal Reserve by raising interest rates, in a move that has surprised economists.中国央行紧跟美联储(FED)加息的脚步,此举让经济学家感到
  22. 运动生理学家:减肥最好的日程表

    2017-12-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 The perfect exercise routine involves the right mix of cardiovascular and strength training. Heather Milton, a senior exercise physiologist at NYU Langone Health, discusses how to
  23. 一男子虐狗,往狗狗身上泼热水,把狗放在冰箱冷冻间

    2017-12-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 MONROE, La. — A Louisiana man is facing one charge of animal cruelty after he reportedly maimed his friend’s dog, Bitty Boo.美国路易斯安那州西门罗报道,一名男子受到指控称其严重虐
  24. 美联储2018年的三次加息即将到来

    2017-12-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 The Federal Reserve lifted short-term interest rates for a third time this year and predicted more increases to follow in the new year as Janet Yellen prepares to hand over the cha
  25. 怎样才能更有吸引力 掌握这条法则

    2017-12-19 所属栏目:英语听力材料 If you want to be more attractive, make a decision to live in a beautiful state. To say, "I’m not going to give up my happiness over little stuff. I’m not going to be obsessed a
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