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  1. 钱柜777官方网站:专家称朝鲜的计算机能力日益增强

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Some experts believe North Korea’s ability to carry out computer attacks is increasing. They point to a reported attack that took place in September of last year as evidence.
  2. 钱柜777官方网站:特朗普亚洲之行或访问朝韩非军事区

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 United States President Donald Trump is traveling to five Asian countries early next month.Trump told reporters on Monday he is considering a visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone
  3. 钱柜777官方网站:Take a Break From Essay Writing with Dialogue Journals

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Writing may be one of the most hated exercises in a classroom. Rarely do students celebrate when the teacher asks them to do a writing activity. Joy Peyton says there is good reaso
  4. VOA常速英语:Fighting Transnational Crime a Top U.S. Priority

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Transnational criminal activity ranges from trafficking in drugs, humans, wildlife, and firearms, to money-laundering and counterfeiting medicines, consumer goods, and other intell
  5. VOA常速英语:Hezbollah's Deadly Threat

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 U.S. senior counterterrorism officials briefed reporters recently on the dangerous activities of the terrorist group Hezbollah, both worldwide and in the United States.Although it
  6. 即使IS力量减弱 欧洲专家仍预计会发生恐怖袭击

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:AS IT IS Terrorism experts say the collapse of the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria and Iraq may not reduce its efforts to spread in Europe.European officials remain concerned that th
  7. 叙利亚军队从叛军手中夺得Raqqa市

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:AS IT IS Militias operating in Syria have declared victory over Islamic State, or IS fighters in Raqqa.The militias raised flags over the city on Tuesday after a four-month battle against I
  8. 谷歌涂鸦纪念墨西哥裔美国歌手Selena

    2017-10-18 所属栏目:AS IT IS This is What’s Trending Today…Selena Quintanilla was known to millions of fans in North and Central America by her first name, Selena.She was a successful Mexican-Amer
  9. 钱柜777官方网站:四分之三的孩子遭遇暴力

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.Each year nearly three out of four children around the world experience some kind of violence.A new report confirms
  10. 钱柜777官方网站:美国绿卡申请丢失 需重新申请

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 A technical problem has caused the loss of all requests to enter the U.S. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program between October 3 and October 10.People who sent such entries to the so-c
  11. 钱柜777官方网站:伊拉克政府军进驻基尔库克省

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Iraqi troops seized oil fields and the area around Kirkuk in response to last month’s Kurdish vote for independence.Tensions have grown since the Kurds voted for independence
  12. 索马里卡车爆炸案造成300多人死亡

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:AS IT IS Somalis have been burying people killed in a huge explosion Saturday in the capital, Mogadishu.The Associated Press reported on Monday that the head of an emergency medical service
  13. 女司机APP巴西受欢迎

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:AS IT IS Private car services that work only with women are becoming more popular in Brazil due to concerns about safety.One of the car services has a mobile app called FemiTaxi. It has mor
  14. 儿童画作讲诉缅甸冲突

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:AS IT IS In Bangladesh, the children of Rohingya refugees are making pictures.That activity may seem perfectly normal. Except the pictures they are making show the horrors the children expe
  15. 女人说#我为性虐待的受害者

    2017-10-17 所属栏目:AS IT IS This is What’s Trending Today….Around the world, the words “Me Too” are appearing in high numbers on Twitter and Facebook.The simple message carries strong
  16. 钱柜777官方网站:戴森计划在2020年前推出电动汽车

    2017-10-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 British company Dyson is known for inventing new vacuum cleaner technology and producing other devices for the home.Now the company has entered new territory by announcing plans to
  17. 钱柜777官方网站:蜜蜂将杀虫剂带入蜂蜜中

    2017-10-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 Bees are responsible for about 30 percent of the world's food supply. Our fruits and vegetables would not grow without bees.Many farmers use chemical products known as pesticides
  18. 钱柜777官方网站:Harry Truman: Atomic

    2017-10-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网站|美国之音慢速英语听力下载 VOA Learning English presents America’s Presidents.Today we are talking about Harry S. Truman. He became president of the United States in 1945, a few weeks before the end of
  19. 城市农场获得支持

    2017-10-16 所属栏目:AS IT IS New York City is known for its tall buildings, financial markets and centers for the arts.But America’s most populated city is becoming known for something you might not expe
  20. 紧张气氛跟随罗兴亚难民来到美国

    2017-10-16 所属栏目:AS IT IS As she tightens her traditional head covering, Bibiasha Mohamad Tahir’s thoughts move between the present and the past.She watches her daughter playing on the living room flo
  21. “自行车市长”计划在墨西哥城给出希望

    2017-10-16 所属栏目:AS IT IS Her position is not official, but Areli Carreon of Mexico City is a “mayor.”She may be the “bicycle mayor,” but to her it is an important position.She works
  22. VOA常速英语:喝到嘴里的水是如何被“洗”干净的

    2017-10-15 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 This water needs a good wash before it ever reaches your faucet.Whether you are treating for a population of 3000 or for 3 million this process is going to look a lot like this.It&
  23. VOA常速英语:古巴必须保护外交人员

    2017-10-15 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 The United States has ordered 15 Cuban officials to leave the Cuban embassy in Washington. The move came just days after the United States announced it would significantly reduce i
  24. VOA常速英语:巴西心脏手术让病人重享人生

    2017-10-15 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 Four years after a heart attack left Ivonette Balthazar bed-ridden.She received a new heart from Stefan Hans, the German Olympian died in Rio.She is back on her feet now in committ
  25. VOA常速英语:为加沙和西岸地区的再统一而努力

    2017-10-15 所属栏目:voa标准英语|美国之音常速英语下载|在线收听 In late September, the government of Gaza, Hamas, announced its agreement to dissolve its governing body and allow the Palestinian Authority to assume its full responsibilities the
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