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  1. 求职面试的时候,千万别说这11句话

    2017-08-22 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Never Say These 11 Things During A Job Interview (Unless You Don't Want The Job)
    The hiring manager has already sifted thr
  2. 英文面试中常被问及的10个问题

    2017-07-24 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 1. “Tell me about how you handled a conflict situation you encountered”
    1. “ 告诉我遇到冲突你是如何处理的。”
    “I sat down with the other person and a
  3. 钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站中应该注意哪三方面的表现

    2017-07-24 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 回答问题时口齿要清晰、语调适中。内容要有条理、避免重复。介绍工作经历采用倒序,从最近一份工作谈起,着重强调有利于新工作的职务经历。最好能说明曾担任何种职务、实际成绩、业绩等,以
  4. 面试官的刁钻问题下次这么答,offer稳稳到手!

    2017-03-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 1. Please introduce yourself.
    Tell me something about yourself.

  5. 面试犯了这5个错误,让你显得非常不专业

    2017-02-21 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 In our hyper-technological age, the way we interact with others face-to-face tells others how well we work with others, as well as our ability to maintain good interpersonal relati
  6. 5个古怪的面试问题,你能答得上几个?

    2017-02-12 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Want to prepare for your next job interview?
    正在准备下一场求职面试吗?Start thinking about how you'd fare in a zombie apocalypse.
  7. 面试中如何回答:你为什么想要这份工作?

    2017-02-03 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Why do you want this job? This is a common interview question, so it is good idea to prepare your answer ahead of time.
  8. 面试中的具体化问题,要怎么应对?

    2016-12-28 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Can you do the job? That's at the forefront of the hiring manager's mind when conducting job interviews. Job specific interview questions are designed to measure a candidate's a
  9. 面试中如何克服紧张和不自信的心理?

    2016-12-09 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 一、要形成一个良好的心态,“因上努力,果上随缘”。正确合理的认识自己。对自己的知识水平和能力素质有一个客观的认识,不自视清高也不妄自菲薄。对自己要求太高,会特别在意别人对
  10. 如何自信从容的应对英文面试

    2016-12-09 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 面对严肃的HR和色调单一的面试室,总会让人显得稍微紧张。看过电影《一生一世》的人都知道,高圆圆在回答面试官的问题的时候,虽然口齿流利,但不难看出她的紧张。那么,今天小编就来给大家安利
  11. 面试中问到薪酬问题,怎么回答比较好?

    2016-11-25 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 One of the most awkward questions you can be asked in a job interview is "What are your salary requirements?" or"How much are you making in your current job?"
  12. 钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站:谷歌烧脑面试题,你敢挑战吗?

    2016-08-17 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Going for a job interview is nerve-racking at the best of times, but tech giant Google has become notorious for asking fiendishly tough questions.
  13. 面试时如何做英语自我介绍

    2016-07-19 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 一般在使用英文面试的时候,面试官会和你先使用中文。没有人愿意一下子就用英文开始和你交谈,除非对方是老外,而用英文面试的要点便是在开场的时候做个开场介绍。主要是给对方下意识的的说,我
  14. 英语自我面试中千万不能说的十个词

    2016-07-19 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 1. generous(宽宏大量的)
  15. 实习面试没那么简单 这5个问题必问

    2016-05-11 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 With warmer months just around the corner, the summer internship hunt is now in full swing for college students across the US.
  16. 面试就怕谈到钱!5个技巧聪明避开薪水问题

    2016-05-05 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 First things first: anyone who tells you that you can always dodge the salary history question is probably trying to sell you something.
  17. 揭秘:八大你不得不知的面试问题

    2016-04-07 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 You've researched the company, updated your CV and even stalked the CEO on Facebook - and now you just have to make it through the interview.
  18. 10个小失误,让你连面试的机会都得不到

    2016-03-25 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Top 10 Reasons For Not Getting Selected For an Interview
    没有获得面试机会的10个原因1.Were you qualified for the job?
    How closely did your backgrou
  19. 面试中如何回答【你的缺点是什么】

    2016-03-04 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 The one dreaded question that is guaranteed to come up in every interview is "What is your greatest weakness?" Perhaps it's the interviewer's way of weeding out candidates to see
  20. 这些提问能让你的面试锦上添花

    2016-02-29 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 During a job interview, usually towards the end of the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. This is an opportunity to find out more about the company and the job
  21. 面试中如何有效地介绍自己?

    2016-02-21 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 First impressions can play a major role in how an employer perceives you as a candidate. What you say during the first phase of the interview may make a big difference in the outco
  22. 视频面试 你得留意的5个制胜小细节

    2015-12-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Video interviewing is slowly taking over as one of the go-tos for organizations interested in lowering recruitment costs and finding the best talent on the market.
  23. 简历忌冗杂,一页纸就能打动面试官

    2015-12-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Should your resume be longer than one page, or should you try to condense it to keep it on a page? There isn't really a yes or no answer. The length of your resume depends on the
  24. 面试官真正想听的内容,就是这4点

    2015-11-03 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 When it comes to interviews, job seekers often fear off-the-wall questions, awkward interviewers, or accidentally showing up late.
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