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  1. 佛罗里达步行桥工程师早知已有裂缝

    2018-03-19 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Officials in the state of Florida say the lead engineer responsible for a pedestrian bridge that collapsed this week left a voicemail for a state official two days before the accid
  2. 美司法部长开除联调局二把手麦凯布

    2018-03-19 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been fired -- effective immediately, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement released late Friday.McCabe, at one time t
  3. 斯洛文尼亚总理辞职

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Slovenia Prime Minister Miro Cerar resigned late Wednesday over a Supreme Court decision nullifying a referendum in favor of a major railroad project."This was the straw that broke
  4. 英特使:刺杀前俄间谍行动绝非“普通犯罪”

    2018-03-16 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Britain's deputy U.N. ambassador said Wednesday that a thorough investigation points to Russia being behind the attempted assassination of a former Russian spy in an English town.
  5. 有报道说川普总统或更换退伍军人事务部长

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 U.S. President Donald Trump is considering replacing the embattled Veterans Affairs secretary David Shulkin with Rick Perry, the current energy secretary.A source familiar with the
  6. 前韩国总统李明博因腐败案接受问话

    2018-03-15 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was questioned by prosecutors Wednesday in connection to a massive corruption probe, joining a long list of ex-leaders tainted by scanda
  7. 美国国防部长马蒂斯突访喀布尔

    2018-03-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says small factions of Taliban forces fighting the U.S.-backed Afghan government forces have expressed an interest in negotiating an end to the 16
  8. 日本首相促朝鲜在放弃核武上言出必行

    2018-03-14 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling on North Korea to match its recent rhetoric about giving up its nuclear weapons program with "concrete actions."Abe made the call Tues
  9. 美欧贸易高官本星期再谈关税问题

    2018-03-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 President Donald Trump said Monday the U.S. will be talking with European officials about eliminating tariffs it believes hurt the American economy.Trump, in a Twitter remark, said
  10. 首相: 神经毒剂袭击案“很可能”是俄罗斯所为

    2018-03-13 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 British Prime Minister Theresa May says the government has concluded it is "highly likely" that Russia was responsible for the poisoning earlier this month of former Russian double
  11. 英首相保证对前俄罗斯间谍被神经毒剂所伤做出“恰当”回应

    2018-03-10 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 British Prime Minister Theresa May is promising an "appropriate" response if it is discovered that Russia is responsible for poisoning a former Russian spy and his daughter."But le
  12. 美军将领警告:俄罗斯准备挑战美国军力优势

    2018-03-10 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Russia's campaign to modernize and strengthen its armed forces is increasingly putting U.S. and European forces at risk, with some defense officials raising concerns Moscow's mil
  13. 佛州议会通过新枪控法

    2018-03-09 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 U.S. lawmakers in the state of Florida passed new gun control legislation weeks after the massacre at a local high school and despite lobbying efforts by the National Rifle Associa
  14. 蒂勒森亚的斯亚贝巴讲话促美非贸易

    2018-03-09 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is highlighting female empowerment on International Women's Day in Addis Ababa Thursday - the second of his six-day tour of Africa.Joining (M
  15. 斯里兰卡宗教纷争,全国进入紧急状态

    2018-03-08 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Sri Lanka remained under a state of emergency Wednesday after ethnic Buddhist mob attacks against members of the minority Muslim population.President Maithripala Sirisena imposed t
  16. 川普:美国为朝核问题发展方向做好两手准备

    2018-03-08 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 President Donald Trump said the United States is “willing to go either way” in response to North Korea's development of nuclear-tipped missiles, adding “hopefull
  17. 对朝非法贸易影响制裁效果

    2018-03-06 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 It is difficult to gauge the impact of the increased sanctions imposed on North Korea, with reports of both plummeting exports in the last year and increasing illicit trade of bann
  18. 韩国总统特使据报道会晤了金正恩

    2018-03-06 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Special envoys from South Korean President Moon Jae-in have reportedly met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Monday. Media reports say Kim hosted a dinner for the South Koreans.
  19. 文在寅称慰安妇问题没完,日本提出抗议

    2018-03-03 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 South Korean President Moon Jae-in is once again demanding that Japan deal squarely with the issue of the "comfort women" who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese colonial f
  20. 涉嫌向总统大儿子寄白色粉末,一名男子被逮捕

    2018-03-03 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 A Massachusetts man who allegedly sent an envelope filled with white powder to Donald Trump, Jr. was arrested Thursday and charged with using the mail to threaten people.Daniel Fri
  21. 埃及加强媒体监督,新闻自由团体疾呼停止恐吓

    2018-03-02 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Egypt's top state prosecutor has ordered his staff to closely monitor all news and social media outlets and take action against any they deem to be "hurting national interests."In
  22. 美国两家大型连锁店规定购买枪支的最低年龄

    2018-03-02 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Two major U.S. retailers changed their gun sales policies Wednesday in the fallout over a Florida high school massacre.Walmart, the country's biggest retailer, announced it is rai
  23. 川普总统女婿库什纳安全许可被降级

    2018-03-01 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 U.S. President Donald Trump's son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, has had his security clearance downgraded, in a move that will limit his access to the most sensitive info
  24. 三名宇航员从国际空间站返回

    2018-03-01 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 Three astronauts from the International Space Station arrived back on earth Wednesday after completing a 5 1/2-month mission that included robotic renovations.The two Americans and
  25. 美国公民及移民服务局不再称美国为“移民国家”

    2018-02-27 所属栏目:钱柜777官方网_钱柜娱乐官方网站-钱柜777官方网站 The U.S. agency that handles residency and citizenship applications this week stopped referring to the United States as a "nation of immigrants" in its mission statement, a change
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