美国文化口语秀(文本+MP3) 第364期:中美恋爱顺序是相反的?

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the “it” couple: 最火情侣
"It" can be used to describe what's current and trendy: "It"这个词可以用来形容很火爆的人事物
例如 :
The It girl: 很火的女明星
The It bag: 爆款包包
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are the “it” couple right now: 霉霉抖森的恋情可谓是全球瞩目
Today, we're going to talk about the sequences of dating in American culture, e.g. when it's appropriate to meet the parents and things of that nature: 今天我们要聊聊恋爱的顺序,比如何时见父母,诸如此类的问题

Dating vs. Relationship: 恋爱的不同阶段
美国人谈恋爱,层次分明。有好感就是有好感,约会就是约会,恋爱就是恋爱。而“I love you”对美国人来说是一个慎重的承诺,不会轻易说出口。
What's the difference between dating and being in a relationship? : 约会和谈恋爱有什么区别?
Dating is one of the early stages of a relationship: 约会(dating)是谈恋爱的早期阶段
Being in a relationship means a full-on relationship: 而恋爱(being in a relationship)则是关系已经确定下来了
We're going out: 我们看对眼 (表示双方都有好感)
We're seeing each other: 我们开始出去约会
We're dating: 我们在约会
I'm in a relationship with someone: 我们现在是正式恋爱关系
We're exclusive: 我们是专一的关系,不能约会其他人
Meet the parents: 美国人觉得见父母是大事吗?

The word “relationship” implies a degree of seriousness and commitment:"Relationship"在英语里意味着一种认真的态度和承诺
They're dating with the intent of marriage: 是以结婚为目的在谈恋爱
The day after they announced they were dating, Taylor Swift was snapped by paparazzi as she visited Tom Hiddleston's mom: 刚宣布两人在拍拖,第二天狗仔队就拍到抖森带霉霉见他妈
Is meeting each other's parents a big deal in America?: 在美国见父母算恋爱过程中的大事吗?
It's not as big of a deal as it is in China: 跟中国比起来,美国人没有把谈恋爱见父母看的这么重
They can meet their dates' parents in a more casual way: 美国人恋爱见父母可以是比较轻松的一件事
It means you're relatively serious, but it doesn't necessarily imply marriage: 当然,见父母也证明了两人关系比较认真,但不一定代表以婚姻为目的

At what stage in a relationship would people meet each other's parents?: 谈到哪个阶段才会见父母?
In an exclusive relationship: 两人各为唯一的约会对象
Many Americans believe, at early stages of dating, it's okay to date a few people: 很多美国人觉得约会一开始可以跟几个人同时进行
It depends on the person:因人而异
Let's say you just happen to be at your parents' house and the person you're dating comes and picks you up there: 一种情况是你在你爸妈家,刚好你的男/女朋友来接你
Generally speaking, in America, if you parents meet the person you're dating, it shows there's a heightened level of interest: 美国人如果带去见父母,多少是表示恋情已经发展到一定阶段了
However, it doesn't mean you're definitely thinking about getting married: 但不一定表示是奔结婚去的

Moving on: 美国人的翻篇速度
She's had a lot of high-profile relationships: 她谈恋爱满高调的
She's a high-profile person: 她本身就是名人
A player: 花心的人
In America, if a girl is going from boyfriend to boyfriend, she won't be welcomed by guys: 在美国,如果一个女生男朋友一个接着一个,那她在男生心里形象肯定不好
The stigma still exists: 对于翻篇速度,还是有偏见的
Whether it's a guy or a girl, people who go from relationship to relationship are generally not very stable: 不管男女,恋情一段接一段,估计这个人不太靠得住
single phase/time between relationships: 空窗期
Maybe you just don't like being by yourself: 可能你不喜欢一个人
Jennifer Lopez once said, “I'm not good at being alone”: Jennifer Lopez曾说过,“我不太擅长一个人过”
It's definitely nice to have someone to share your life with: 有人陪伴当然是好事
Some people are just needy/clingy: 有些人很粘人,一直要人陪
You don't really look at the relationship you're in as that serious: 你对现在的感情不太重视
Easily end one relationship and start another one: 挥手告别上一段恋情,就大步走向下一个人的怀抱

Not getting married: 不婚族
civil partnership: 民事伴侣关系,只缺一纸婚书
de facto marriage: 事实婚姻,同上
I don't want to get married: 我是个不婚族
Americans, for the most part, still regard marriage as an important institution: 大多美国人依然很看重婚姻这一传统
I've realized how conservative I am in some regards: 我发现某些方便我还是蛮保守的
I'm not super traditional or conservative, especially compared to a lot of Chinese people: 跟大多数中国人比,我不算太传统、太保守
But when compared to certain Europeans I've encountered, I realized that I'm a little more conservative: 但跟我认识的一些欧洲人比,我还是比较保守的
I think of marriage as a big formality: 我觉得婚姻是一个重要的规矩
What I mean by formality is that it's just something that you do: 我说婚姻像一个”规矩”,意思是说你就得这么做
I could see myself getting married one day: 我想以后我还是会结婚的
A lot of people get married for tax and legal purposes: 很多人结婚就是为了税务、法律方面的优惠
If two people have lived together for ten years, they might as well make it marriage and get some money back: 如果两人都已经同居10年了,不如就结婚算了,还能拿点钱
Let's end the show on a more romantic note: 我们说点浪漫的事来结束今天的节目
I totally believe in love, even love at first sight: 我当然相信爱情,我还相信一见钟情

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